[ BJD ] Gluing and Restringing tutorial by WillStore [ Assembling Minifee Rin ]

Hello everyone! Sometimes your bjd loose poseability and can’t even stand And it means that gluing and Restringing time has come

Today my volunteer is Minifee Rin recast For gluing part you will need Diluent for acrylic colors for glass and old synthetic brush Now let’s take apart our volunteer The main tip is to lay out the parts in correct order Left foot, lower leg, knee, hip are from the left side and the right from the right side

I don’t really like hot glue method Because I always burn my fingers and it’s hard to control thickness of layer But here you can easelly control the amount of material by your brush So, you should take Diluent and apply the thin layer to the socket of the joint Then make the same with all the joints

Leave it to dry for 40 – 60 minutes and repeat the process To protect these layers and cover the shine apply matt acrylic varnish And leave it to dry for 40 minutes Now we can put the doll back in one piece We will need a thick thread, dotting tool or a pencil and the bjd elastic

Using the thread pass elastic through the shoulder joint socket and secure it on the neck Repeat on the other side and string the first arm together Right arm is done! Let’s do the same for the other one If you feel that the arms don't get straight enough, you should make the elastic shorter and repeat this process So let’s move on and assemble the torso and the legs

First of all secure the elastic at the neck And then pass the elastic thru the torso For the legs we do the same steps as for the arms And our bjd is done! Now she has great poseability and doesn’t fall down Please leave me your questions in the comments below

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