Hello dears! Now I want to start my Blythe series Today I will show you how to custom Blythe head and precisely how I carve nose and lips

First of all you should take apart the doll’s head Full process I showed in my previous video, link is down bellow Blythe dolls have glossy skin, to improve it you will need a sandpaper Ordinary I start with 600, then take 800 and finally 1200 It can take a lot of time, but result is fantastic

Don’t forget to use a mask during the process It’s not cool to breathe in the plastic dust So when the face is matt I sketch new lips with pencil It helps me to see which areas I will cut off Than I take supplies

These are wood cutters, dremel, x-acto knife with different blades etc You should find what do you prefer by yourself It’s long and painstaking process because after your cut you should smooth area with sandpaper and repeat … So It can takes 2 hours and more If you're missing me while i don't upload new videos, you can find me on instagram or twitter And this is result of carving! At the next time I will show you repaint process So see you in the next week!

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