[ DOLL WIG TUTORIAL ] How To Dye Fiber

Hello dears! Besides the wig cap you will need the hair to make the wig But white alpaca fiber is too boring and today I will show how you can dye it

You can use any type of human hair dyes based on your budget and availability in your country Just follow the instruction on the box But if you want to save your money, you can use the fabric dye It’s cheaper, faster and you can mix it and get the desired shade The fabric dye is very concentrate and if you want to get pastel colors, you will need just a pinch of powder

So use gloves for work, plastic or glass cup Otherwise the paint will be absorbed by your hands and ceramic Put some powder, pinch of salt, pour boiling water into a cup (OOPS! Quick clean!) and add small spoon of vinegar Start soaking the alpaca After 4 – 5 minutes let it to dry for the night

Now it’s dry and we should style it The best tool for it is pet’s grooming brush Gently brush the locks So now it’s too fluffy… But don’t worry Take your hair straightner, warm it for Two hundred degrees Celsius and use it on the locks

It turns to shiny and silky hair Here are our 3 steps: dry, brushed and done fiber So now we are ready to make a wig But it will be in the next episode Thank you guys for watching! Don't forget to subscribe, share and give me a thumbs up!

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