Faceup Tutorial №37 Isi Dawndancer OOAK Monster High Custom doll repaint by WillStore

Hi guys! Today i will repait Isi Dawndancer I remove factory paint with acitone, using cotton balls and toothpics It has dark skintone, so I use an airbrush to make white base for pastel and pencils As usual I apply 2 layers of sealant to protect the face I want to save the deer-look, so I apply additional brown colot to her chiks and make white marks Don't forget that i have all my materials and tools in my doll FAQ Link is in the description box

To make cool brows i use pastel and flat brush Add soft blush and lips and it’s done! I love her soo much! I hope you have enjoyed this video If you would like to see more, don't forget to subscribe and to give this video a thumbs up! Take care and see you in the next video, bye!

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