Faceup Tutorial №42 Fairyland Minifee Chloe Custom doll repaint by WillStore

Hello everyone! It’s my first minifee Chloe repaint and I nervous a little bit I use MSC to protect the face and create the base for pencil and pastel Then I use an airbrush and pastel to apply basic blush on the face Small natural or synthetic brush number 00 or thinner helps me to create thin lines as lashes or lips texture If you want to know more about materials I use, chek out my FAQ video

Link is in the info box then I outline the eye with black watercolor pencil and add some shadows just like on MonsterHigh dolls oops! here my camera got dead… Sorry So I already draw the brows with pastel The same process you can see in all my repaint tutorials, so don't worry Add some detail with pencil Don’t forget about layering! To create smooth gradient and vibrant color, apply layer MSC or matte varnish in the process When it gets dry, use pastel, paint and pencil repeat until the result satisfies you If you have questions or ideas, leave me a comment

I'm happy to answer In the end I apply some gloss to the eyelids and lips Hope it was useful for you! Thank you for watching! Don't miss my future videos and subscribe! =^^=

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