Faceup Tutorial №44 Lorna McNessie OOAK Monster High Custom doll repaint by WillStore

Hello everyone! Today I will repaint cutest Lorna McNessie I start with the sketching eye shape I use brown watercolor pencil because it isn't so vibrant as a black And if I make a mistake it will be easy to correct I add some whites with pastel or watercolor pencil Then sketch the brows

I start with the tail of the brow, then add basic color with pastel and details with pencils Lorna, like other MH ghosts has shimmery skin tone, so I have to use an airbrush and make white base for pastel Otherwise the color will be transparent and not saturated To draw the eyes I use Derwent watercolour and inktense pencils and mix them If you have questions or ideas, leave me a comment I'm happy to answer Add some color to the lips and chiks with dry pastel Outline the eyes with black pencil In the end I apply some gloss to the eyelids and lips Now I use my new polish it is Tamiya x-22

So Lorna is done! Do you like it? I do 🙂 Hope it was useful for you! Thank you for watching! Don't miss my future videos and subscribe! Byе!

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