Faceup Tutorial №45 Viperine Gorgon OOAK Monster High Custom doll repaint by WillStore

Hi guys! I’m Very sorry for my disappearance! I’m ok and ready to share with you so many awesome things! So today I will repaint Viperine I start with the sketching eye shape For eyes I'm using brown watercolor pencil For brows I'm using pastel and flat natural brush But before I use pastel, I rub it with sand paper or nail file to get the powder That gives me vibrant color Adding detail for the brows with pencil

Now I make a basic blush Pink lips and nose… Some shadows here and there… Peach cheeks… etc I decided to make smoky eyes and used black pastel pencil Then one more time I am outlining the eyes with black watercolor pencil and drawing the eyelashes As usual I'm drawing the iris mixing watercolor and ink pencils Adding layer of sealant and mixing again Now I'm using watercolor and brush 00 to add detail and additional depth to the lips If you have questions or ideas, leave me a comment I'm happy to answer Adding some highlights to the eyes with white acrylic paint And Viperine is done! Hope it was useful for you! Thank you for watching! Don't miss my future videos and subscribe!

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