Faceup Tutorial №47 Sloman

Hello guys! Welcome to my channel! Today I will repaint Slo Mo It’s my second boy repaint! And It’s soo confusing

I tried to make him look “manly” as I can Hope, it works Slo Mo has light gray-blue skin tone, so for sketching i use gray pencils Then I draw the brows with flat synthetic brush and dry pastel Color of the lips… I tried 4 or 5 times to match it

Seriously, It wasn't so easy Using the same colors I shade the face Finally I start to draw eyes I use white watercolor or pastel pencil to color the sclera And then I color the eyes with watercolor pencil Don’t forget about sealant

I seal the face twice before painting, some layers in the process and 2-3 in the final Layering is the best way to have tasty vibrant colors and gradients Draw something, then seal and draw again Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the result Outline the eyes with dark brown and draw some small lushes

Add highlights with white paint and this handsome guy is done Thank you guys for watching! Don't miss my future videos, subscribe, share and give me a thumbs up! =^^=

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