Faceup Tutorial №48 Gooliope Jellington OOAK Monster High Custom doll repaint by WillStore

Hello YouTube! Today I will show you Gooliope Jellington repaint process All 17” Monster High dolls have very firm head

You should heat it with the blow dryer about 10 minutes to take off But this time I was lazy As always I sketch eye shape with brown watercolor pencil and then color the sclera with the white one

Often you ask me about the wigs for toll MH dolls I always make them by myself Gooliopes head circumference is 21cm or 8 inch So you could try some BJD wigs Back to the painting! I draw the contour of the lips with deep red inktence pencil and start to color the iris

Then I apply the main color with the pastel and build the gradient from dark blue to light azure Color the lip s and make a blush Then I outline the eyes with black and draw the eye lashes What do you think about Gooliope skin tone? On my taste is too much magenta… Seriously, ordinary my white pencil can cover the dark brown of Clawdia Wolf in one layer, but on this doll it's impossible… Let’s add the shadows! Here i’m using brown and black pastel And the final touch – highlights! So, Gooliope is done! Guys, I want to make some Q&A videos for you

So If you are interested, leave your questions in the comments below Thank you for watching! Don't forget to subscribe, share and give me a thumbs up!

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