Faceup Tutorial №49 Cedar Wood OOAK Ever After High Custom doll repaint by WillStore

Hello dears! Nice to see you again! Today I will repaint Cedar Wood I always seal the face with MSC before painting

It protects the face and gives suitable texture for the watercolor pencils And I never make pencils wet before painting, because I seal doll’s head In the previous video I asked leave your questions in the comments So today I’ll answer a few LpsAngel2199 asked: For a doll restyle, would you recommend rerooting the doll first or doing the repaint first? I recommend to make a reroot or to clean the head of hair for the wig before painting

Because when you do reroot you have to squeeze and deform the head And it can ruin your painting Danagonia Hobby asked: When you make wigs instead of a reroot can you still play with the doll, or is it too fragile? You can secure the wig with glue or with velcro And it will not fall down and your daughter will play with your customs safely Gravi asked:

I can’t understand Are you Russian or American or English??? But your OOAKs are cool! Thanks for the praise I’m Russian and I’m from Moscow ^^ Don't forget to turn on the subtitles And the most frequently asked question is about materials I use and materials for the beginners I already have video on my channels about my materials, but I decided to make another one to share some advice and tricks for the beginners But the basic set is MSC, watercolor pencils, dry soft pastel, acrylic paint and brushes

Oh, I'm almost finished faceup This Cedar was a commission and she has awesome tattoos^^ But it was a long run and i didn't film it… Sorry If you want to make an order for the face up, you are welcome at my Etsy shop! Link is in the description Please leave me your questions in the comments bellow Thank you guys for watching! Don't miss my future videos, subscribe, share and give me a thumbs up!

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