Faceup Tutorial №50 Clawdeen Wolf (Garnet Steven Universe) OOAK Custom doll repaint by WillStore

Hello YouTube! This summer I was a bit obsessed with Steven Universe cartoon And when I saw Cotton Candy Garnet, I decided that I have to make a custom! I picked Clawdeen Wolf as a base, cut her ears, made a reroot with alpaca and she got super soft and fluffy afro hairstyle

As always before repaint process I clean the face with 100% acetone and apply 2 layers of MSC I sketch all 3 eyes and color the sclera with watercolor pencils Then I color the lips and cheeks with dry soft pastel And start to paint her iris Garnet has blue, red and pink eyes

So I just follow the reference 🙂 It was my first time to paint triclops… I was a little bit scared But I pulled myself together and did it! On Instagram you often asked me about available dolls, which you could purchase The answer is very simple, please check out my Etsy shop There are all dolls and services that I can offer Outline the eyes with black watercolor pencil and draw the eyelashes

The final touch is the highlites I use white acrylic paint to make them And my variation of Cotton Candy Garnet is done! Thank you for watching! Don't forget to subscribe, share and give me a thumbs up!

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