Faceup Tutorial №57 Pullip OOAK Custom doll repaint and assemble tutorial by WillStore

Hi Guys! It’s time to continue Pullip customization! She's already sealed twice, so i just start to color the lips and make blush with softpastel I paint the brows with pastel and watercolor pencil as an monster high dolls

Drawing the eyelashes I start it with the lightest brown pencil and then layer by layer make it darker and more saturated The painting process of the upper eyelids is different for Pullip or BJD and Monster high dolls You should make just a winged eyeline and you don’t need upper eyelashes, because they will be glued I forgot to film how I painted the eyelids with airbrush… Sorry! They have metallic effect

So Cool! I saturate lips and eyelashes Here comes my black pencil Yes it’s too old and short, but i love it! Take PVA glue, dolls eyelashes, measure it and glue to the eyelids Now goes my favorite life hack Take human eyelashes curler and curl doll’s eyelashes! voila! it’s much more cute! Now we will assemble Pullip

You can see previous video in reverse or continue this Hook the springs to the eyelids Insert eyelids in the head Don’t forget about eyelashes! Put in eye mechanism and tighten the 3 screws Insert the levers and hook them for spring

Put in the body and head cap tighten another 3 screws And Pullip is done! She can open and close her eyes, change direction of the sight and she is so lovely! Hope this video vas useful for you! Please leave your thougts about Blythe and Pullip dolls in the comment section Do you like them? Hope to see you again!

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