Faceup Tutorial №59 Fairyland Minifee Celine Custom doll repaint by WillStore

Hi youtube! Today I will show one of my favorite faceups It’s minifee Celine in tan skin tone

I start with shading with pencils and soft pastel then I paint creases with light brown watercolor pencil And now the fun part – airbrushing! I use acrylic colors diluted with alcohol Start with the lightest color In my case it’s pink

Color the eyes, lips and cheeks Then clean your airbrush and change the color to violet and make something like smoky eyes In addition I add the turquoise and some stars This makeup should look like space or galaxy I would like to know which video would be more interesting for you bjd faceup, Blythe repaint or something about monster high dolls? Outline the eyes with black pencil and start to draw the eyelashes

Make the brows with pastel and watercolor pencil If her makeup looks like space, it should shine! I add some blue and silver shimmer Give some tasty gloss to her lips and eyes And Celine is done! She looks so magical! I love it! And you? Thank you for watching! Please don’t forget to leave me a comment and subscribe!

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