Faceup Tutorial №60 Blythe OOAK custom doll repaint by WillStore

Hi dears! Today I want to share with you my firs Blythe experience Before the customization you should disassemble the head

Full this process you can see in my previous video Click on “i” in the right corner To erase fabric paint and make the face matte you should use the sending paper or a nailfile It's time to make curving I use dremel and x-acto knife It was my first experience, so I was carefuland tried to make curving as smooth as possible

The final part is a faceup First of all, I Seal the face Using pastel and airbrush I make a blush Then I paint the brows with pastel and watercolor pencil Here I make the eyeline with black watercolor pencil and acrylic paint

I paint eyelids in pink To make sugar effect, I apply PVA glue thin layer in the center and thick layer on the edge Sprinkle glitter and remove the excess Assemble the head and the Blythe is done! She looks like a sugar candy! So lovely! thank you for watching! Don’t forget to leave your questions in the comments, like and share this video

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