Faceup Tutorial №61 Fairyland Minifee Celine Custom BJD doll repaint by WillStore

Hi guys! Today I will repaint minifee Celine in tan skintone I use tempera paint to make accent on the corners of the lips

Then I blush the eyes with pink pastel The layer of pastel is transparent, so after the sealing it will blend with skin tone and become reddish If you want to build cold pink colors on the tan you should make a white base with pastel or airbrush before applying main color I paint the inside of the eye with black acrylic paint Then I make creases with pencil and blushing with pastel

Now I'm highlighting lips and eyes with watercolor pencil or pastel pencil I draw the eyeline with black pencil and shade the corners a little bit with brown pastel To make the brows I use pastel for the common shape and the pencils for the tail and details And here I realized that I don't have skills to paint eyelashes with a brush But I didn’t give up! Coloring the tithes with acrylic paint and adding some shimmer to the eyes I add some gloss to the lips and eyes And Celine is done! Hope, you are enjoy this video! Don’t forget to share it with your friends and give me a thumbs up!

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