Faceup Tutorial №65 Unoa Lusis OOAK BJD Custom doll Cyclops repaint by WillStore

Hi! Today I will continue Cyclop customization It’s faceup time! I already made basic pigmentation and now i shade the face with pastel

Using watercolor pencil I outline the eye and make the creases When I paint the lashes I start with derwent #55 Vandyke brown, then i take #66 chocolate and roots i draw with #67 ivory black As I said before, There are no strict rules to paint the lashes You should try to have fun during the process You can make them straight or curl a little bit

It’s all up to you I add some shade to the eyes The biggest question was the brows Should I draw only one, two or don’t draw them at all Mattel's Monster High Iris Cyclops don't have brows, for example

But I decided to make 2 brows as C_U_L_U_R does And Unoa Cyclop is done! I had a ton of fun and knowledge, when I made this custom Hope it was useful and inspiring for you So, don’t forget to share this video with your friends and give me a thumbs up! See you at the next week

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