Faceup Tutorial №66 Venus ( Peridot Steven Universe ) OOAK Custom doll repaint by WillStore

Hello YouTube! I’m in love with the Steven Universe cartoon And I want to continue to make some characters from this series

As you know I already made cotton candy garnet last summer Today is Peridot time! As a base I take Venus Mcflytrap And I don’t want to make the copie of cartoon character, I stylize her look and I made jeans, black t-shirt and silver bomber Her makeup I tried to make in monochrome green palette: green eyebrows, green lashes, green eyes and lips As always for painting I use derwent watercolour pencils, dry pastel and pastel pencils What is your favorite character from Steven Universe? Please, give me an advice, which character should I do the next? To make the brows I use pastel for the common shape and pencils for the tail and details I add highlights with acrylic paint

And it’s done! Hope you enjoyed this video! Don’t forget to share it with your friends and give me a thumbs up! See you at the next week

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