Faceup Tutorial №67 Kiyomi Haunterly ( Lapis Steven Universe ) OOAK Custom doll repaint by WillStore

Hello friends! Today's character is Lapis Lazuli You left so many comments on the Peridot video and gave me new ideas and inspiration to continue Steven Universe series

The base for Lapis is Kiyomi Haunterly I think it was a better choice, than the Lagoona, because she has ghostly transparent skin tone and it reminds me water Just like Peridot I try to make her makeup in monochrome blue pallet Honestly, ghost type monster high dolls the most difficult to paint Pastel disappears after sealing, you can’t use red paint for lips because pigment can penetrate and spread into vinyl and etc

So, you should be very careful! To make brows i use pastel for the base shape and pencils for tail and details You shouldn't forget about layering if you want have vibrant colors To build dark lips I make pencil base, then I cover them with indigo tempera paint White pastel pencil wasn’t enough, so i used white acrylic paint for sclera I highlight the eyes and draw teeths with white pastel

And Lapis is done! I was inspired by Asian culture when I made made outfit Also I made water wings for her Hope, I have inspired you for art Please share this video for your friends and subscribe See you next week!

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