How to clean Doll’s head [ DOLL WIG TUTORIAL ] – part 0

Hello YouTube! You asked me so many times to show you how I make wigs, so I gave up Today I'll show you how to prepare your dolls for rerooting and wig process

So you will need: small scissors tweezers x-acto knife scrunchy super glue And my victim is deluxe Draculaura First of all I made a ponytail It helps me not to make a mess The next step is cutting the hair Now you should cut as close to the head as you can

As a result you should have a head and a nice bunch oh the hair Next, take tweezers or a flat-blade screwdriver and start scraping on the inside Don’t pull, just scrape It’s a pretty hard process, so be patient and careful When you finish, take the x-acto knife and make a curved incision following the stitch It’s the easiest way to clean the head

But if you don’t want to cut the head, you can pull the hair through the neck hole Now you can pull all hair Oh, this Draculaura has rooted eyelashes, so I remove it too Time to heal the head! Use the super glue to stick the parts and wait So now you are ready to make a wig or reroot But this will be in the next episode

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