How to make a WIG CAP [ DOLL WIG TUTORIAL ] – part 1 by WillStore

Hello dears! Today we will make a wig cap! You will need: clear doll’s head plastic bag Some water liquid soap Silicone or silicone sealant Stretchy fabric And elastics So, let’s start! Take your doll’s head and put the plastic bag on top of it Then hold it with the elastic

It’s a protecting layer Next, put some liquid soap into the water and mix well This trick helps your fingers not to stick to the silicone So, press out some silicone on the top of the head, moisten your fingers and cover the head with a thin layer of silicone Put the fabric on top

Try not to make any creases, moisture with soap water and hold it with the elastic Leave it for 6 or 12 hours to dry Our cap is dry and we can make some marks for ears and hairline Take it off and cut This method can be applied for any sizes and types of dolls, like BJD

I prefer silicone caps for it’s flexibility and great fit So our cup is done and we are ready for the gluing hair! But it will be in the next episode! Thank you guys for watching! Don't miss my future videos, subscribe, share and give me a thumbs up!

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