[ HOW TO ] make BJD Cyclop custom Unoa Lusis doll by WillStore

Hi youtube! Today I will show you my unusual experiment I was inspired by instagram photos of c_u_l_u_r and her cyclops

So today me victim is Unoa Lusis First of all I try to decide where will be the eye and sketch it Then I take a dremel and make a hole It was very scary, funny and dusty So if you try to repeat the process, do not forget about respirator and glasses

Now I take epoxy adhesive In my case it's Modelite It's russian product, you can replace it with Magic sculpt or Apoxie sculpt You should take equal parts of A and B, mix it well and we are ready to continue Now sculpting time! You should have 1-2 hours for work before the clay starts hardening

My life hack is to wet your fingers In this case you can control very smooth edges The adhesive will be completely dry in 24 hours After that I polish the edges with sandpaper and color it with an airbrush It was very exciting experience! Hope you enjoyed it too

Next week I will show you the repaint process of this cyclop So do not forget to subscribe to my channel and click on the bell And you won't miss the faceup video!

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