How to prepare Pullip doll to customize [ How to open Pullip ] – WillStore tutorial

Hi guys! It’s my first Pullip doll custom order and I want to share this experience with you First of all you will need small crosshead screwdriver and remove three screws from the back of the head

So, we have body, head cap and lever arms of eyelids Carefully disconnect springs and again remove three screws Now Pullip eye mechanism is free Remove eyelids And now we can remove factory paint

But it’s the hardest part You will need pure acetone, cotton balls, accuracy and patience Be careful because acetone can melt the plastic if you rub at one place more than 10-20 seconds Take the tweezers to remove eyelashes In the process i decided to try another method

Use a wet cotton ball with acetone, put it on the face, gently press it and remove Voila! Paint disappeared I remove all paint Now we can seal the face And we are ready to the faceup but it will be in the next video! I will glad to know your thoughts about Pullip dolls! If you don’t want to miss out next video, click the bell Thank you so much for watching! See you in the next time!

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