How To put (apply) eyelashes WillStore TUTORIAL

Hello everyone! To put the eyelashes on the doll you need just the eyelashes, glue and toothpicks First of all measure the length of lashes Then cut the excess The next step is to apply glue to the lashes It should be a thin layer If you're scared to apply too much glue, use a toothpick The hardest part is to put it right! Start from the inner corner of the eye If it doesn't glue on the end, apply some extra glue using a toothpick Repeat all the process on the other eye I use universal transparent glue, for tall dolls I use normal human eyelashes, for normal dolls I use small bjd lashes

So that’s all my tips If you have any questions, please, leave it in the comments Thank you for watching! Don't miss my future videos and subscribe!

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