How to reduce a doll’s head / make head smaller / shrinking vinyl Peri & Pear tutorial by WillStore

Hello everyone! Today I started customization of Pei & Pearl And I want to reduce their heads

For experiment I removed factory paint just from one head And I cut their hair because I will make wigs So, we need: heads Jar with lid I prefer to use solvent 646, but you can replace it by acetone Be sure that it’s fresh Put the heads in the jar, pour the solvent so that it covers the heads and clothe the jar

Leave it for 12 hours During this time, the head will increase in size about 2 times and become soft Get them out of the jar with tweezers and leave to dry for 2-5 days Heads will shrink and become extremely firm Here's Kiyomi’s head for comparison

And on this picture normal twin on the left and shrinked on the right As you can see, factory paint didn't change Hope this experiment was useful for you! If you have any questions welcome to comment section! Please don’t forget to subscribe, share and give me a thumbs up!

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