[ MATERIALS ] Faceup Starter Kit Advice – Supplies for Beginners by WillStore

Hi YouTube! Today we will discuss one very important topic – materials for dolls repaint When you just start you don’t need as many materials as I have

I use dry faber castell soft pastel, 72 color set of Derwent watercolor pencils and 24 color set of inktence But when you begin you need just 4 pencils: white red brown black 3 pastels color: pink peach brown You will save your money if you buy it apiece in the art store Also you will need eraser I use Faber Castell pink pen eraser and soft art eraser in russian it's called Клячка Instead of white watercolor pencil I also use pastel pencil

To apply pastel you will need brushes Usually I use thin 00 synthetic brush for highlights, natural size 2-3 brush for shades and big round synthetic or natural brush for blush You also can use makeup brushes if you have them Clear gloss is for lips and eyes Cotton gloves to protect the head from oil

Respirator protects you from sealant fumes and of cause you can’t make repaint without sealant I have detailed comparison of sealants on my channel You can find the link in info box, or press on “i’’ in the right corner These are all materials I can advise you for beginning

Hope I answered most of your questions If you still have some, ask them in the comments See you next week!

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