[ MATERIALS ] Mr. Super Clear Alternatives / Analogs – IDEA, Marabu Mattlack, Vallejo Premium

Hello everyone! Today we will try to find an alternative to the most popular sealant MrSuperClear

I chose 3 acrylic matt sealants from the art store Here are Idea from Italy, Marabu Mattlack from Germany and Vallejo Premium color from Spain Some people try to use pva glue or hair spray instead of MSC, but it’s useless In this case you just waste your time and get a chance to damage your doll MSC, Idea and Mattlack are spray varnishes

It means that sealant consists of a mixture of varnish and compressed gas and you can use it right away Vallejo is liquid varnish and you need to use an airbrush to apply it You should be able to apply it with a regular brush, but it could leave some strokes Let’s take a closer look MSC is matt spray varnish from Japan

Volume is 170 milliliters Price on Ebay starts from 12$ Idea’s volume is 200 ml, Marabu Mattlack is 150ml They are available in art and craft stores Price is around 8$ for both Idea and Marabu

Volume of Vallejo is 150 ml It’s available in airbrush supplies shops Price is around 6$ Vallejo is water based acrylic-polyurethane non toxic varnish You don’t need to dilute it with water unless you don't want to

One bottle will last a really long time MSC, Idea and Mattlack are extremely toxic and carcinogenic So you always have to use a mask, gloves and glasses and cannot use them in non-ventilated rooms Finally Sealants comparison Divide the doll’s head in 4 parts: MSC, Idea, Mattlack and Vallejo

Paint some strokes with watercolor pencils It’s our reference sample Pencil isn’t drawing… That’s why you should use sealant to have the strong vibrant colors and protection Don’t forget to shake the can before using I apply varnishes and leave the head to dry for 40 minutes

As you can see the difference between sealants isn’t huge But based on my experience Idea becomes glossy after a few layers Let's make some swatches! The most vibrant colors are on MSC I leave the head for 1 day oops! Mattlack becomes glossy and sticky

But this reaction occurs only on vinyl heads, so Mattlack fits perfectly for plastic parts and BJD dolls Conclusion If you just want to try faceups Idea is your choice It’s available and inexpensive If you want to continue this hobby, You can’t push your skill without MSC

If you are in this hobby for a long time, and you already have an airbrush try to use Vallejo It will not disappoint you So, I made the experiment and shared my thoughts, but the final conclusion is up to you Hope, this video was useful Please, share this video to your friends and leave you questions in the comments

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  1. I have a question about Mattlack varnish: if it fit perfectly for plastics parts, it’s also for a blythe doll face and back plate ?

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