[ ROOM TOUR ] – My workplace

Hi guys! It's me Anna and today I will show you my workplace So, this is my desk As you can see, my work place is on the balcony The windows are huge and it gives me perfect light All the furniture come from IKEA This is my inspiration board

I put here some references, sketches and inspiration pictures for work These were made for space mermaid, you could see her on my instagram Upper is a shelf with Monster High stuff Shoes… Laces… Beads… needles for sewing Here are some dolls… I still don't know what I should do with them Sorry for nude it's my Celine Here is the box with MH clothes and other stuff for sewing Next shelf Here are: box with hair dye, synthetic hair and natural fiber and 2 huge boxes with fabric

and some more boxes with fabric these are my brushes I order them by size Big brushes for blushing and thin for faces Synthetic and natural This is my favorite airbrush ivata I use it for the faceups It has small fluid cup and i can easily put color directly there And this is chineese airbrush I use it for blushing This is container for dirty brushes

After the work I bring it into the bathroom and wash them Very useful It’s my photo light I turn it on for recording videos to give the opposite light source My camera is a Sony Alpha A77 I use it for photos and videos Love it soo much! And this is Faceup line… and small cactus 🙂 The interested part – Drawer unit with art supplies Here are my Faber-Castell pastel, watercolors, my FAVORITE Derwent pencils

I have 2 sets: 72 watercolor pencils and 24 inktense My white gloves… and some erasers The second drawer And here is my new varnish; I use it instead MSC It’s Vallejo matte varnish But you can apply it only using an airbrush… airbrush cleaner… some ink for the airbrush… white gouache… pigments and glitters… acrylic paints and sponges for bjd The third drawer Here are protecting glasses, masks… Oh it’s my watercolor and inktense pencils, that i buy separately in art markets… MSC, Marabu mattlack

It’s perfect to BJD or MH blushing There are other varnishes, spray colors and acitone The last drawer There are random doll’s stuff: flowers, stands, sandpaper, protecting mask etc Oh, that’s my new compressor So that's all for today! Thank you for watching! Hope you enjoyed this video

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